October 17, 2014

Time goes, you say?

 Ah no!
Alas, Time stays, we go.

~Henry Austin Dobson

And so time has been going and I couldn't let an entire year go without posting some memories I'll have to look back on as long as Blogger is around!

Some wonderfully happy moments have blessed my life this past year as well  as some very sad times including the passing of my loving 100 year old mother-in-law ~ Bless her heart ... 

My youngest grand daughter is a little Irish Dancer and we had beautiful weather for her first parade.

The gardens were beautiful this Spring and I neglected them all Summer long busy doing a million other things!

Super relaxing beach vacation and couldn't have asked for more.

A Baby Shower for my niece having twins ~ in the hospital and born pre-mature  within hours of the celebration!  All are home and doing well!

And of course, grandchildren ... all 8 EIGHT of them :)



And the biggest event of the year is the house we are going to have built ~ signed the agreement of sale with settlement expected in April 2015.  Lots of work to do.  This is the house being built next door to the lot we selected.

It is a great layout with the main living area on the first floor and the type of home we think we suit us for retirement.  I'm looking forward to getting started.

(Till next time...)


November 2, 2013

Treasures Forgotten

We have finished working at my MIL's house cleaning out a life's accumulation and came upon a few very interesting things we could not part with.

We were so surprised when we opened my FIL's desk to find his aviator sunglasses he wore in WWII ~ it was sad, exciting and interesting ~ such an array of emotions.

My husband recalled him being in the War when he was very little and what it was like having him gone.  We see his name stamped in the top of the case ~ Morris T.W. making is so much more real and personal.

We talked about the things he must have seen through these glasses, flying missions from Hawaii protecting our Country.

We saw the evidence of what the case had been through during War and then talked about the unseen wear it takes on a soldier.

We are proud of Thomas W. Morris and his service to our Country and are so thankful to have this piece of his life with us as a remembrance of is commitment to defend our freedom.

I never had the opportunity to meet my FIL, but I know I would have loved him not only for being the father of my husband, but for his love of the Country I call home.

God Bless America!


October 7, 2013

Busy Days, Busy Hands And A SWAP

It's been such a busy month or more for me with cleaning out my MIL's house now that she had moved in with my SIL ~ she has settled in and has decided she will stay ... this time.  She moved in several years ago and was unhappy and wanted to go back home within a few months, but she does realize there is no going back.

We have found some really great pieces of the past while going through her belongings and it could fill an entire post!

But through all the hustle and bustle, I still found time to sit down an create my piece for the spoolie swap I joined which was being hosted by Deb from Garage Sale Gal and Sandy from 521 Lake Street .

When I got partnered with Chris from Perfectly Printed we exchanged emails 'cause we had to find out if they wanted a Halloween or Thanksgiving spoolie and I personally didn't care which, I was just excited to make a spoolie, something I never even heard of before.  I really did get lucky when she was chosen as my partner and I was so thrilled and excited when I saw what she made for me ...

When I opened the HUGE box she sent, I was already feeling bad, knowing my little package would never compare and this was the first piece that came from the box, my spoolie wrapped up so pretty and finished with pretty ribbons ...

Then there was this hugs, gigantic bag of candy, complete with a bow made from a Halloween paper napkin!  How clever is that????!!!!

And still, something in the box, I reached in to pull out this bag complete with a gigantic spider, but I wasn't scared!!  Oh, it was sooo exciting!!!

I peeked down into the back and saw all this loveliness ...

Did I mention I really got lucky when Chris was chosen as my partner!!!  Well she sent along a bit of luck in the form of a Leprechaun ...

And some fabulous ephermera which I will use and think of her every time I touch one of these pieces!

Little gift cards, and hang tags and buttons and books!!

And flash cards and too many things ~ she really shouldn't have!

Cards for Christmas and Valentines and more ...

And here is the most fantastic, clever, creative spoolie I could have never imagined!!

Look at that face ... it is what I looked like when I was looking at every little detail ...

My Spollie and me, grinning ear-to-ear!

A lovely note card she enclosed :)

 Down to the smallest detail, she really went so out of her way to make everything extra, extra special!

 I didn't tell her I loved Resse cups or M&M's or Kit Kats or Twix bars!  She just knew!

I am still overwhelmed with her generosity and the creativity and thought put into my gift.

As I said in my email ~ Chris, I feel so stupid 'cause I just made you a little ole' spoolie and you went way above and beyond ~ thanks so much, from the bottom of my heart!